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About RedArmy Fanzine

Manchester United latest news Red Army Magazine is Britain's biggest Manchester United magazine.

Rating: 5 / 5 - 312069

Street address: 156A Northenden Road, Manchester

Phone: 07545 39 1999


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  • "Im gonna be successful here but theres players here that won't be"

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RedArmy Fanzine

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  • 2007 Liverpool lost the Champions League final 2008. Manchester United wins the Champions League ! 2016 Liverpool lost the final of the Europa League. ! 2017 Manchester United wins the Europa League final. 2018 Liverpool lost the Champions League f...

    den 08/03 2019
  • Saint Peter is standing at his post at the pearly golden gates of Heaven one day, when 2 scousers approach. This has never happened before, so he isn't sure what to do. He goes running inside and screams "God! God! There is 2 scousers at the gates, w...

    den 27/02 2019

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