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Pull Up Mate Portable Fitness Equipment for a total body workout. Train anytime, anywhere with Pull Up Mate. http://www.pullupmate.co.uk/

Rating: 5 / 5 - 226323

  • When you're angry!😡 Workout!!!! 💪💪💪 Have a great weekend!

  • Testing the Max Weight 💪 @kaoticmovement @joshcroall #pullupmate #calisthenics #lever #fun #beach #training

  • Whos Got Their Pullupmate X yet??? £9.95 over 270 exercises, nutritional plans and amazing recipes!! Link Below! (not advised to use in water....KaoticMovement hosed down and dried afterwards, and they dry very quick in 36° weather) --------------...

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Pull Up Mate

Pull Up Mate

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