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About Alton Towers

Welcome to the official Alton Towers Resort Facebook page. Escape to the fantabulous world of the Alton Towers Resort - there's so much going on, the fun never stops! http://www.altontowers.com New for 2016 - Galactica Blast through an advanced space travel portal to another dimension. We've combined the experience of our iconic flying rollercoaster with cutting edge Virtual Reality. Now you can become a space tourist through this unique combination of physically flying coupled with the breathtakingly emotional journey of travelling through space. Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure - CBeebies Land is even bigger and better for 2015 with the launch of this rollercoaster designed specifially for your little one! Tree Top Quest - You'll be speeding down zipwires, roaming over rope bridges and swinging through our enchanted forest!

Rating: 5 / 5 - 1390982

Price range: $$$

Street address: , Alton

Phone: 0871 222 3330


  • It's almost time to feel the Power of the Towers as there's just 24 hours to go until our 2019 season begins! Are you an opening-day expert? Share your visit hints and tips in the comments! 🎢🌠

  • Traitors! The dishonourable Bishop of Stafford always demands an (un)fair trial. Get sentenced at the Alton Towers Dungeon from THIS SATURDAY: http://fal.cn/igvb

  • 25 years ago today, something extraordinary was discovered in Forbidden Valley...

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Alton Towers

Alton Towers

Alton Towers Theme Park

Alton Towers Theme Park

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  • im interested in booking the splash hotel but does it include use of the splash park on both days, its very confusing it mentions you can use it but also mentions when you go to book the room add day 2 at the waterpark if im staying in the waterpark...

    den 21/03 2019
  • I see on your website it now says express parking is only available to pre book. I assume this means you have taken this parking option away from map holders as you don't wish us to obtain our discount, and others who may wish to use it on the day?!...

    den 19/03 2019
  • Does anyone know if you can buy Bing Hoppity Voosh toys at the CBeebies land hotel or shops at CBeebies land? Thank you x

    den 17/03 2019

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