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Birmingham is a busy city with many exhibitions, concerts and events throughout the year. Therefore, we at BirminghamSpots.com want help you discover Birmingham in a whole new way! We think it should be more fun, simple and engaging to explore Birmingham. To help you, we have taken the old concept with tips walks / quizes and presented here on BirminghamSpots.com. Tips walks contains fun questions that will take you to interesting places, streets and landmarks in Birmingham. In this way, we hope that your stay in Birmingham will be as exciting and memorable as possible.

Besides quizes, we have also created a number of classic tourist guides who will take you to Birmingham's most interesting places - everything from museums and attractions to the best restaurants Birmingham has to offer.

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Then we all have our own needs and desires, it is impossible for us to offer guides and tips walks to suit everyone always. Therefore, we give you the option to create a custom Birmingham Guide or quiz:

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